Structural/Frame Realignment

Part of our St George auto body repair shop is our ability to repair the structure or frame of your vehicle.

Hansen’s Auto Matrixx in St George is your premier location for automotive frame straightening and repair. We have some of the best and most qualified trained technician’s who are able to access quickly what needs to get done, and accomplish your cars auto frame work quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are building on our over 40 years of experience in the collision repair and frame realignment industry. We know what it takes to bring your car or truck back to full alignment.

If you’re working through an accident and need collision repair, one of the most critical aspects of the repair process is accessing and correcting frame damage, after all your frame is the foundation of your vehicle. Your car has been engineered and designed to protect as best it can you and your passengers from a fair amount of impacts and collisions that you might encounter. This is accomplished by creating what are called “crumple zones” which are areas in the car that can better absorb the shock of impact, and allows that impact to transfer through the body of the vehicle. This is what has made it possible for the dramatic decrease in the percentage of auto vehicle deaths as of late.

That’s why it is critical for any structure or frame realignment technician in St George to understand the intricacies of how your car was designed, and how to fix it so that in the future you will still be protected. You see this damage can occur even if the only thing you see as a problem seems to be merely external or cosmetic. This again underscores the critical need for a frame realignment shop to understand the proper techniques to determine vehicle symmetry, thus knowing whether there is a need or not for structure or frame realignment.

There is just no reason why after an auto collision you can’t get your car back just the way it was. There are even small issues or irregularities that can affect the frame and working components of your car. We understand them all and will use the best tools and technology available to use to make certain your frame is bent back into proper shape so that your automobile will function as if it was never even dinged.

Give us a call at Hansen’s Auto Matrixx for all of your collision, structure or frame realignment needs in St George. We pay special attention to detail and have customer service that goes above and beyond. Give us a call and give us a try.